The Seattle Pride Board of Directors is officially announcing the theme for the 2018 Seattle Pride Parade.

In a community meeting at the Glaser Auditorium on February 28, Seattle Pride President Kevin Toovey gave an introductory speech which also served as an announcement of the 2018 Pride Parade theme.

In his speech, made on behalf of the Board of Directors, Toovey began by listing social battles the LGBTQIA+ community fought in 2017 across the globe, and how those battles continue in 2018. In an expansion on the 2017 Seattle Pride Parade Theme, Indivisible, the Board of Directors chose to reflect on some of the political history within Seattle and build upon themes from the past which would encompass the current social and political battles. The result of this came to be the 2018 theme, Pride Beyond Borders.

“The theme of Pride Beyond Borders recognizes the intersectionality in our community.  It celebrates our differences, our history, and where we come from.  But it also is a reminder that we can celebrate all the successes and strides of our history, but there is work to be done to keep our communities free, happy, and safe,” explained Toovey while giving his introductory speech.

This theme will be reflected throughout the Pride season in Seattle, specifically via events put on by Seattle Pride, such as the Volunteer Park Pride Festival and the Seattle Pride Parade. The theme will also be present in the 2018 Seattle Pride Guide, which will be published and available throughout Seattle beginning in June.

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