Angelina Villalobos (aka 179)
“My name is Angelina Villalobos, my art superhero name is 179. I’m a Seattle born art activist and partner with communities connecting art with action. My work strives to engage viewers to partake in their environment through observation & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all.”
David Rue
David Rue is a dance artist born in Liberia, and raised in Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of individualized studies that combined Journalism, English, and Dance. From 2011-2015, he performed with TU Dance (directed by Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands) in St. Paul, MN where he danced the works of Dwight Rhoden, Camille A. Brown, Greg Dolbashian, Katrin Hall, and Uri Sands.  He has performed the work of Seattle based choreographers Dani Tirrel, Zoe Scofield, and Ella Mahler. He holds an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University and works as the Public Engagement Associate at Seattle Art Museum.
Jen Gonyer-Donohue
Born and raised in Seattle, Jen Gonyer is in love with her vibrant, inclusive, diverse hometown. For over ten years, she served as a volunteer leader with one of the family groups that makes up the Seafair Festival, traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest representing Seafair and the City of Seattle to other community festivals. She was the 2017 Commandant and 2018 Board of Directors President of the Seattle Seafair Commodores. She knows a thing or two about parades! She is the Development Director for Snohomish County Legal Services, a non-profit organization that provides civil legal aid to those living in the county who are experiencing poverty.
Kara Sutra
Kara Sutra is a local, grass-fed, free range, chameleon drag performer.  Reigning Queen of the Seas 39 of the Imperial Sovereign court of Seattle. She loves versatility and entertains everywhere from candle lit blues clubs, to sunny downtown parks. Kara brings camp and glamour together to wow and entertain her audiences. She’s sure to leave you wanting more.
To stay up to date with Kara Sutra’s productions, appearances and news connect with her on Instagram @kara.sutra or on Facebook @
Luke Sillonis
Luke Sillonis works for the Downtown Seattle Association; he has been a City maker for the last five years. His work has mainly focused on the public parks in Downtown Seattle. He currently manages Westlake Park and plans out hundreds of free events for the public every year. During the summertime, you can find these free events in the parks for all people no matter your age or background. He focuses on bringing in fun and exciting events that help promote a safe and fun environment for the community of Seattle. A few examples of some of the events you’ll be able to find this summer at Westlake are: Drag Queen Storytime with Kara Sutra, Dancing Til Dusk, Happy Hours in the Park and a Drag Queen Teen Pageant on June 22nd.
Outside of the professional work he volunteers and represents another nonprofit organization, The Imperial Court of Seattle, a nonprofit 501c3 company that works to raise money for disadvantaged communities and businesses. Here he holds the title of King of Seas, a leading volunteer position within the court that focuses on supporting the Imperial Court and all the events that they host on a yearly basis.
Luke has been a public figure in the City of Seattle and the LGBTQ community; his work has helped to not only make Downtown a cleaner and safer place but also to help build a stronger and closer LGBTQ community within and around Seattle.
Randy Ford
A Seattle-born dancer, choreographer, actor, curator, director and activist. She has worked with artists such as Dani Tirrell (Genre Bender, Black Bois), Markeith Wiley (IT’S NOT TOO LATE), Kitten N’ Lou (CAMPTACULAR), and BenDeLaCreme (Beware the Terror of Gaylord Manor). Identifying as a queer Black non-binary Trans femme, their work continues the conversation about race, gender, and intersectionality. When not onstage she teaches MixxedFit at NAAM and is a teaching artist with Arts Corps. She is the creator and curator of the QUEEN STREET Festival, a performance platform for Queer, Trans, Non binary, and Gender nonconforming artists of color. Be on the lookout for her show QUEEN STREET co-produced with CD Forum and set to premier at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute September 2019.
Ray Corona
Originally from Mexico City, Ray Corona is an undocuqueer advocate that has called Seattle home since the age of nine. Ray’s community and professional work has focused on providing access and building bridges among diverse communities. Some of his expertise includes leadership development for youth, creating culturally relevant college preparation programs, organizing undocumented youth and families and building coalitions to craft community solutions for issues affecting marginalized communities. Ray was the first undocumented person to be appointed to the City of Seattle LGBTQ Commission; where he served a 2 year term.  Currently, Ray is leading a new organization called “Somos Seattle” meant to explore and foster the intersectionality of the Latinx LGBTQ community.
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