Seattle Pride

Achieving equal rights for LGBTQIA+ persons requires more than throwing parades and hosting picnics. (Although, let’s be honest: We’re fabulous at both.)

Seattle Pride coordinates advocacy and allyship efforts year-round to promote diversity and inclusivity—and to call our community to action.

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Seattle Pride Magazine

Fall is here, and so are we. The Seattle Pride Magazine is where you can learn all about our October 9th 'All Together Now' event, as well as:

  • The Wildrose: Help keep this LGBTQIA+ icon open
  • Mx. Pucks A'Plenty: "You're Welcome for Being Here"
  • Starbucks Pride: Company culture where all are welcome
  • Seattle Pride Fall Box: It's back, and full of new goodies!
Click here for a list of locations where the Seattle Pride Magazine can be found.