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Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ community is fortunate to have a number of nonprofits advocating in support of diversity, inclusivity and equal human rights for all. Since 2017, we’ve awarded more than $150,000 in grant funding to several of them—because we recognize we can do more good, when we do it together.

In addition, we provide free Pride Parade registrations to dozens of organizations each year through our Community Sponsorship Program.

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Grant Calendar for Seattle Pride

Our Board of Directors makes funding decisions through a competitive grantmaking and sponsorship process with an emphasis on programs that promote personal growth and community development. Funding is awarded twice per year, in August and January. Requests are also considered throughout the year, as needed, to better respond to community need.

August Grant Cycle

May 1

Applications open

June 1

Applications due

June - July

Applications reviewed


Grant applications evaluated and awards determined at August meeting of Seattle Pride Board of Directors

August 31

Grant applicants notified of decisions

January Grant Cycle

October 1

Applications open
Click HERE for the application.

November 1

Applications due

November - December

Applications reviewed


Grant applications evaluated and awards determined at August meeting of Seattle Pride Board of Directors

January 31

Grant applicants notified of decisions


What's the difference between a grant and a sponsorship?

Grants are typically used for an organization's ongoing work, such as covering the cost of a position to carry out the mission of the organization. Grants also come with reporting requirements.

Sponsorships tend to be event-specific, such as helping pay for some of an event costs in return for recognition in the program.

Can the same organization apply for a grant and and a sponsorship?

Of course! Grants are made out of our 501c(3) organization (Seattle Out & Proud Foundation) to help further your work, and sponsorships come out of our 501c(4) organization (Seattle Pride).

When do you make decisions on who you'll give a grant or sponsorship to?

Grants are considered twice a year. Please see our Grants Calendar. Sponsorships are considered on a rolling, ongoing basis. Please complete our application here.

We really need this grant, but the reporting requirements are intimidating. Can you help?

Absolutely! Reporting requirements and paperwork should never be a barrier to receiving much-needed funds. Please reach out to Krystal Marx, our Executive Director.

If we received funds in previous years, will we still be considered?

Yes! We want to see your good work continue!


For information on our Community Grants program, including the framework of the program and application requirements (in PDF format), please click here. For a copy of the required Impact Report (in Excel format), please click here. To apply for a Grant or Sponsorship, please click here.

Information on how to apply for the Seattle Pride Parade Community Sponsorship Program will be available in 2021.


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Seattle Pride's Resource Guide

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Our mission has always been to connect folks to our history and community, and now we're adding services. The Seattle area has tons of resources for LGBTQIA+ folks from food and housing services to support groups and leadership development!

Check back regularly for the most current information, including more resources!

Regional Pride Organizations

We aren't the only game in town!

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