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Seattle Pride

We know events.
At Seattle Pride, we LOVE to share events in the LGBTQIA+ community... even if we're not the ones putting them on!

If you have a great event coming up that centers/focuses on/is produced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we invite you to share it on our website. Simply supply the information below through our Google Form, and we will get it posted as soon as possible (typically within two to three business days).

What We Ask For

1. Email
2. What is the title of your event?
3. What the name of the organization / company / group hosting the event?
4. What is the address of the event? (If online, please include the link to where you want participants to go to learn about the event/to register.)
5. What is the cost? If not free, is there a scholarship or free option?
6. What is the date and time of the event? When does it start and end?
7. What is the website for the event? (This can be a Facebook Event page, on your website, Eventbrite, etc.)
8. Please provide a link to the cover image you would like to appear with your event entry.
9. Is there a deadline for registration? Please list it, if so.
10. Who should people contact if they have questions? Please list an email and/or phone number.
11. What have we missed? Feel free to list anything else pertinent to the event, here.


Please fill out all sections to the best of your ability, and with as much accuracy as possible.
Once an event has been posted, Seattle Pride will not make edits - only cancellations.
Seattle Pride staff will endeavor to have your event posted to our Event Calendar with two (2) business days.
Seattle Pride reserves the right to refuse to post any event.
Posting an event is not an indication of sponsorship or endorsement on behalf of Seattle Pride.

Submit Your Event

To submit an event, fill out this Google Form!