2018 Seattle Pride Parade Announcers

Announcing from the Westlake Stage is Aleksa Manila, Briq House, and ilvs strauss.

Aleksa Manila has been performing since 2000 and is a celebrated and respected drag personality. Drug counselor by day, drag diva by night. Originally from Manila, Philippines, Aleksa now calls Seattle home. Aleksa is a favorite emcee/host, speaker/panelist, performer/model at many events in the region because of her smart and sassy presence onstage and her ease of engaging her audience.



Briq House is a body positive Burlesque performer, producer, Emcee, Professional Cuddler, Story Teller, and all-around Bad Ass Bitch. This proud size 16 Queen is the Producer of The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq: An All People of Color Burlesque Revue; the only monthly all People of Color Burlesque Revue in the PNW.




ilvs strauss (pronounced Elvis) is an analytical chemist turned multi-disciplinary performance artist and theater tech living and making work in Seattle. Her art cuts a wide swath across disciplines, ranging from Dance Narrative performance to anamorphic outdoor sculptures, illustrated storytelling (aka Slide Shows) to haiku poetry. She also has the distinct honor, for one month out of the year, of portraying one of her best-friends-if-we-existed-on-this-planet-at-the-same-time: Jesus Christ, in Homo for the Holidays. 



Announcing from 4th Ave and Bell Street Stage is Al Lykya, Londyn Bradshaw, and Alyssa Yeoman.

Al Lykya is Seattle’s dreamy, dimpled drag king stripper and FTM-cee. Utilizing his background in dance, theater & the art of drag, Al Lykya strives to challenge your ideas about gender & stretch your definition of masculinity. The Man with the 10,000 Dollar Chest specializes in drag, boi-lesque, & nerdlesque.






Londyn Bradshaw has been performing for about 2 1/2 years. Some of her recent appearances include working with Jetspace magazine which is a queer magazine company based out of Seattle Cut video. Last year in 2017 she was Miss Gay Seattle and has raised a lot of for charity while performing and doing what she loves. She also hosts a show called Weird at Timbre Room in the Kremwerk complex.


Alyssa Yeoman’s shockingly kind smile paired with a biting wit and relatable ennui makes an audience fall over in fits of laughter. Alyssa has opened for Amy Miller, Esther Ku, Sara Schaefer and Janelle James and has also performed in Portland’s Midnight Mass, Control Yourself, Minority Retort, NW Black Comedy Festival, Intersections Festival, Bumbershoot and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.





Announcing from the L Corner Stage (4th Ave and Denny Way) will be Salvador “Ravioli” Saber and Samuel L. JackYouSon.

Salvador “Ravioli” Saber is one scintillating Sicilian boy from the Boardwalk. This teddy king has got style like Danny Zucco and moves like Justin Timberlake. But on the mic, he is an adorkable spazz boy with spitfire one-liners and a cocky (pun intended) edge. He is the co-host of Seattle’s only drag king review at Kremwerk. Here to raise the genderbend threshold.


Since 2013 Samuel has been delighting Seattle audiences with his Comedic Drag, Song and Storytelling abilities. Well known as a lover, Samuel also fights for social justice, especially as it pertains to Queer and POC communities, through fundraising and education. As an artist, Samuel seeks to undermine damaging stereotypes by pulling an audience into his worldview and making them comfortable there while celebrating Performances in Drag, Burlesque, Poetry, and Music. A much sought after MC, Samuel has worked with the best and brightest in Seattle’s prolific performance scene and is beloved by fans from all the disciplines.