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EVENT PASSED: Seattle Trans Picnic 2022!

Seattle Pride

Who is invited?

All trans & nonbinary people! We use these as big umbrella terms for the sake of convenience, but we greatly welcome ALL gender diverse folks who are not cis. So, two-spirit, intersex, agender, all of the diverse indigenous and diasporic non-binary genders, and others - please come! We often use the word "trans" just for brevity.

Please no cis people who aren't invited by another trans person. Trans folks are welcome to invite emotional support cis as needed so you feel as comfortable and welcome as you can be at the event.

We use the word "Seattle" but people came from Portland and even further last year.

Lots of folks will come alone so please don't feel awkward if you don't have trans friends to come with! The purpose of this event is to build trans community and grow trans joy -- and that means you coming and meeting new folks or just enjoying this rare transnormative space! You won't be alone!

Sat. July 16, 2022
Volunteer Park

You have any questions please contact: or contact @seattletransjoy on Instagram!

For more info check out their page here!