5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer for an LGBTQIA+ Organization

Apr 19, 2021 | Seattle Pride

It is National Volunteer Week and we’re excited to celebrate the past, present, and future volunteers of Seattle Pride and all LGBTQIA+ organizations! If you’re a future volunteer of an LGBTQIA+ organization or aren’t totally sure if volunteering is right for you, you might be surprised to find out how much you can gain by diving in.

Here at Seattle Pride we’re looking for volunteers to help us with events including Virtual Pride, Vote with Pride, Pride is Visible, and the eagerly awaited 2022 Pride Parade (which is going to be bananas!) as well as year-round project support for things such as virtual events, social groups, and light office tasks, . If you are interested in joining our volunteer family, please fill out the Volunteer Intake or contact for more info.

So why should you consider taking the plunge?

1. We Need You!

For Seattle Pride and other nonprofit organizations, volunteers are our lifeblood. With volunteers we can accomplish so much more than we would be able to with a small staff and limited resources. Our volunteers bring unique skill sets, perspectives, and experience to our organization, making it possible for us to achieve our mission.

2. Build Community and Meet New People

Making new friends with common interests and values is one of the best parts about volunteering! By volunteering with an LGBTQIA+ organization you’ll meet new people who are supportive of our community. Actively participating will provide you with a sense of belonging, purpose, and expand your support system to include your amazing volunteer family.

3. Set an Example for Others

A lot of people ‘talk the talk,’ but not everyone takes the time to ‘walk the walk.’ By volunteering for an LGBTQIA+ organization like Seattle Pride, you’re putting your values into action and proving that you really can DO something to make a difference in our fight for equal rights for all. By doing something yourself, you’ll inspire those around you to do the same.

4. Professional Development

Volunteering for a nonprofit organization will provide you with the opportunity to learn new skills that can be used throughout your career. It also adds to your resume-worthy experiences and expands your professional network. Organizations such as Seattle Pride also offer volunteer board of directors positions which serve as growth opportunities for volunteers who begin doing other forms of work with the organization. You can learn more about Seattle Pride’s Board of Directors HERE.

5. Volunteering is Good for You

Studies have shown that there are physical and mental benefits which come from volunteering -- and at the top of that list is reduced stress. Spending time with people we enjoy being around, doing positive and productive things, and taking the focus off our own personal problems makes us feel good! Not only is volunteering good for the community, it’s good for you too.

Ready to volunteer? Fill out the Volunteer Intake or contact and we’ll get you set up with a project which is enjoyable and will work with your schedule.

Still thinking about it? No problem, we’re here when you’re ready! In the meantime, stay up to date on all of the amazing things we’re working on by following us on Facebook and Instagram at @seattlepride, on Twitter at @ourseattlepride, and on LinkedIn.