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Kataluna Enriquez Becomes the First Trans Woman to Compete in Miss USA!

Jun 30, 2021 | Seattle Pride

Congratulations Kataluna Enriquez for becoming the first trans woman to compete in a Miss USA pageant!

We are so excited to congratulate Kataluna Enriquez for becoming the first trans woman and trans woman of color to compete in the national Miss USA pageant after winning the Miss Nevada USA pageant this past weekend.

This is an amazing way to finish Pride Month! Trans representation matters in media and in our communities. Kataluna Enriquez is delivering a powerful message, that trans women are women. Her participation in the Miss USA Pageant will not only inspire other trans women, but also increase acceptance of the trans community among the public. Kataluna and all other openly trans people are helping to eliminate the stigma, discrimination, and hatred experienced by the trans community, and are doing the difficult work to help move us towards a safer world for the LGTBQIA+ community.

The Miss USA pageant will be held in November in Oklahoma, and we’ll be watching to cheer Kataluna on!