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National Women’s History Month: Our Weekly Celebration of Impactful LGBTQIA+ Women

Mar 01, 2021 | Tim Marshall

Here at Seattle Pride, we are passionate about finding excuses to revere the pioneers who have brought us to our present day. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, we recognize that we constitute a wide and wonderful web of varied experiences and identities, and with that we must celebrate figures who have paved the way in furthering representation and justice for us all.

Long story short, this month it is our honor and duty to spotlight the fierce and fabulous women who have earned their places in history. Each Monday in National Women’s History Month, we look forward to sharing the legacies of LGBTQIA+ figures who brought us to where we are today.

Our profiles will include:

  • Silvia Rivera - trans and queer rights activist
  • Michaela Cole - actor, screenwriter, director
  • Vaginal Davis - performance artist
  • Megan Rapinoe - Olympic athlete, pay equity advocate

But these women don’t begin to scratch the surface of the multi-faceted and transcendent women who we should honor not just in March, but every day. In addition to these profile, we encourage you to learn about:

...And many more! Stay tuned for our incoming spotlight stories and don’t forget to celebrate a woman in your life - this month and every month.