Pride Speaks February: LGBTQIA+ Homelessness – Meet the Panel

Feb 17, 2021 | Seattle Pride

Pride Speaks is a monthly speaking series focused on the various topics that impact our LGBTQIA+ community. Each session, Seattle Pride invites experts to share their knowledge, reframe issues, and inspire action. After the hour-long panel discussion or talk, there's time for audience Q&A and 1-on-1 community building and networking.

This month we focus on LGBTQIA+ Homelessness: what are causes, what are effective solutions, and what we can we do to help support members of our community experiencing homelessness?

Date: Wednesday, February 24th
Time: 7PM - 9PM PDT
Cost: FREE
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Alain Chan (they/them) - Clinical Supervisor, Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC).
They oversee the Community Outreach and Advocacy Team (COAT), which works with people who have had their mental health competency raised in the criminal justice system. Alain also serves on the board of Yoga Behind Bars, an organization which shares yoga and meditation with incarcerated people in Washington State. They hold a Bachelor's in Anthropology from Wesleyan University, and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Washington. They live in Seattle, WA, but will keep their 917 area code forever.

Erica Limón (she/her) - Associate Director, YouthCare
Erica oversees YouthCare’s Young Adult transitional Living programs, one of which is ISIS Ravenna house, a space for LGBTQIA-identified young folks. She knows that when young people have equitable access to services and support systems that young people can grow and allow their brilliance to shine. Erica believes that it takes providers being brave in the face of systematic oppression to push the needle further and redesign systems and program models so that young people are valued for who they are and have every opportunity to succeed.

Evana Enabulele (they/them) - Housing Coordinator, Queer The Land
Evana is a core member of Queer The Land (QTL). Evana leads the housing circle in QTL, nurturing the dreams of QTBIPOC of building a home and safe community space. Their passion is not only working on unique housing strategies but also finding ways to combat the mental aspect of displacement and gentrification.

Evelyn Chow (any pronouns) - Economic Justice Manager, Ingersoll Gender Center
Evelyn is an abolitionist, organizer, writer, and sociologist based in Seattle/Coast Salish lands. They currently work at Ingersoll Gender Center, one of the nation's oldest trans-led and serving orgs. Previously they worked as an Organizer at Real Change, a local nonprofit dedicated to economic and housing justice. Their community organizing work has focused on state and prison abolition, race + gender equity, immigrant rights, queer/trans liberation, sex worker’s rights, international worker solidarity, and transformative justice.

Jerred Clouse (he/him) - Executive Director, ROOTS Young Adult Shelter
Jerred brings with him considerable experience working in homelessness and social services, having worked at Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), Real Change News, Catholic Community Services, Friends of Youth, and Ryther. Jerred has a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington, where he also completed his undergraduate degree. Outside of work, Jerred enjoys traveling with his partner of 18 years, playing guitar, and overly investing in their cat, Miles.

Tracey Leong (she/her) – Anchor, KIRO 7 Morning News
Tracey is an anchor for the KIRO 7 Morning News. Though she began her journalism career in Humboldt County, CA, her career took her across the country from Redding, CA, to Baltimore, and Los Angeles. During college Tracey interned for Late Night with Conan O’Brien in New York and taught English in China. When Tracey is not at work, she volunteers to help rescue animals, increase awareness against animal abuse, and promote healthy heart initiatives.