Seattle Pride Addresses Ingersoll Collective Concerns

Apr 21, 2021 | Seattle Pride

Timeline & Background

Ingersoll Gender Center is one of the oldest organizations by and for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming communities in the U.S. Founded in 1977, Ingersoll provides support groups, resources, help with navigating healthcare, employment, and other services, all under the vision of self-determination and collective liberation for transgender people. However, current and former staff members claim the nonprofit has fallen far short of this vision, alleging some Ingersoll board members have demonstrated “intentional, calculated abuse, and anti-Blackness.” - South Seattle Emerald, by Mark Van Streefkerk

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Statement by Seattle Pride

The Board and Staff of Seattle Pride issued a letter to the Ingersoll Gender Center Board of Directors in support of, and solidarity with BIPOC, Disabled Trans and Gender Diverse Non-Director Staff (current and former) that have voiced serious concerns and traumas. Seattle Pride leadership sees their strength and bravery for speaking out against a culture of anti-blackness, ableism, trans misogyny, pervasive paternalism, intimidation, as well as retaliation for exercising their rights to file formal complaints and stand in support.

Non-profit organizations are bound by their very Articles of Incorporation to live out their missions and serve their communities. This cannot be done when they create and perpetuate an environment of pervasive anti-Blackness, ableism, co-opting/stealing the work of Black trans folks and more.

Therefore, until such time as the Ingersoll Gender Center Board of Directors publicly acknowledge, address and apologize for the harm perpetuated against BIPOC trans current and former staff, and publicly and privately make amends for the harm called, Seattle Pride has decided to cease working with, funding, or otherwise partnering with Ingersoll Gender Center.

Seattle Pride sees, believes and supports BIPOC, Disabled Trans and Gender Diverse community members, and look forward to Ingersoll Gender Center's Board of Directors acting with similar concern.

How to Support the Collective: Take Action!

1. Sign the Collective's Action Network Petition.
2. Email the Board in support of their demands. Sample script here.
3. Share their demands, website, and petition on social media and your networks. Download graphic here.
4. If you are connected to a platform or media outlet, consider elevating their demands.