Why Seattle is Great for Gay Family Building

Jun 08, 2021 | Seattle Pride

This is a guest blog post from ORM Fertility.

Throughout the county, there are many great places for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to start a family and the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is arguably at the top of the list. Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, the two largest urban areas in the PNW, offer LGBTQ+ parents-to-be a welcoming and inclusive social environment, a larger community of their peers, and laws and systems that provide necessary protections and support for their growing families.

The PNW is Inclusive and Welcoming for LGBTQ+

Of the countless lists and articles online ranking the best cities for LGBTQ+ couples, Portland and Seattle are almost always among the lineup. According to NBC and Gayety, Portland and Seattle are both within the top five best cities for gay couples to live and in the top 3 of this list from Insider which looks at over 70,000 data points from all 50 states in the U.S.

In larger US cities, it’s often expected that gay life is accepted and tolerated; however, in the metropolises of the PNW, like Seattle––and even smaller towns such as Eugene, Oregon and Olympia, Washington––you’ll find more than just a gay bar or a rainbow flag or two. These gay-friendly locales offer LGBTQ+ hang-outs and resources ranging from religious congregations to hiking clubs to bowling leagues.

It’s no wonder that Seattle and Portland rank among the top 3 cities in the U.S. when looking at categories of largest population of gay married couples and highest average household incomes for same-sex couples, shortest daily commutes, and best walkability.

Access to LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care

LGBTQ+ folks have a variety of avenues for growing their family to consider such as adoption, foster care, or fertility treatment. Within fertility treatment, there are additional paths and decisions to consider, such as whether to use an egg or sperm donor, what kind of donor agreement to pursue, using a gestational carrier (also referred to a surrogate), and what kind of treatment will give you the best possible chance at bringing a healthy baby into your life. In the Pacific Northwest, LGBTQ+ families are looking to find knowledgeable experts at experienced fertility clinics supported by a legal environment that provides necessary protections and recognitions for LGBTQ+ parents-to-be.

Compensated Surrogacy is legal in Oregon and Washington

In 2019, Washington passed a bill allowing for compensated surrogacy and added important legal protections for LGBTQ+ intended parents. With compensated gestational surrogacy now legal in both Washington and Oregon, Seattle and the PNW as a whole, are seeing more LGBTQ+ intended parents from around the world travelling here to grow their family.

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Experts in their field: ORM Fertility is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest

Simplified Process Provided by a Knowledgeable Team

With the help of a sophisticated clinic, the process for people needing IVF, a surrogate, or a donor has become more smooth and modernized than ever. ORM Fertility offers a range of fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is required for gestational surrogacy patients; genetic testing with a large in-house genetics team; a robust in-house egg donor program; and strong, close-knit relationships with local surrogacy agencies. Having all these services coordinated and administered at one clinic streamlines the entire process.

Leading Egg Donation Program

At ORM Fertility, our in-house Egg Donor Program provides intended parents with a large and distinguished group of egg donors so they may find the best possible match. All of our egg donors are intensely screened, allowing for higher chances of a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Integrated Genetics Provides Best Success

Most soon-to-be parents opt into Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A, formerly CCS), the most advanced form of chromosomal screening on embryos which helps physicians identify the embryos that are most likely to implant in the uterus and result in a healthy ongoing pregnancy. While the vast majority of babies are born healthy, there can be great value in identifying potential genetic risks before conception through PGT-A.

At ORM Fertility, our in-house team of Genetic Counselors works directly with patients to analyze their test results and help them understand their genetic risks and genetic testing options in order to optimize their chance of having a healthy baby. Our Genetic Counselors work directly with your physician to integrate genetic information into your overall treatment plan.

Committed to LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

ORM Fertility believes Love is Family and is proud to be a leading clinic for LGBTQ+ parents from all around the world. For years, ORM Fertility has served the LGBTQ+ community with sensitivity and compassion. We are proud to offer free seminars dedicated to LGBTQ+ family-building, sponsor local Pride events, support LGBTQ+ media, and highlight our beautiful LGBTQ+ families. As fertility treatment advances, so does our understanding of identities and humans. We remain committed to advancement in all aspects of our fertility care, including honoring our patients’ unique experiences.

To further our commitment to our LGBTQ+ patients and provide respectful, personalized, and educated care, we partnered with Family Equality, a national nonprofit leading advocacy for LGBTQ+ families, to earn our Open Door Training Designation as an organization.

Any clinic with the designation should be a safe space where members of the LGBTQ+ community can get the professional medical care they deserve in a truly welcoming, knowledgeable, and compassionate environment.

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