Welcome, Sponsors!


First and foremost, thank you for supporting Seattle Pride! With the support of our corporate and community partners, Seattle Pride is able to produce the annual Seattle Pride Parade and Volunteer Park Pride Festival, Seattle Pride Guide, and other events throughout the community.

2017 was a major year for us, as the organization reached new heights (and I’m not talking about the temperature during the Parade)! This past year, we were able to support community events and organizations such as Burien Pride, Emerald City Black Pride, Lambert House, Pride ASIA, Trans* Pride and more. For the first time in our history, we produced a town-hall series focused on intersectionality within the LGBTQ community, bringing people together for healthy and constructive conversation around race, politics, and gender. 2017 also brought us GLITTERis Pride Ale, a delicious brew from our friends at Elysian, as well as Drag Queens On-Demand, an extra special pride treat from our friends at Uber (spoiler: no Drag Queens or Drivers had to lipsync for their life…this year anyway).

[read more=”More” less=”Less”]But growth and change is no stranger to us. Each year, our community grows larger and stronger, pushing back at discrimination and demanding equality. Selisse Berry (Founder & CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates) said it best at the 2017 Workplace Summit,

To be lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender in 2017 is to stand in the messy middle pages of our movements history. We look behind us and acknowledge just how incredibly far we’ve come. We look forward to see how to imagine an even greater future of living free, and of course in the moment we just see how imperfect progress can be. But, we can now be married in 24 countries around the world and we celebrate that every single day, and yet in 76 countries, we can still be arrested, imprisoned, and even killed simply because of who we are and who we love. And in the United States we can still be fired in 28 states for showing our wedding pictures at work. So this juxtaposition of progress and backlash, of momentum and resistance is the landscape of our lives at this time in history.

While we celebrate all the successes and strides of our history, we know that the work continues in 2018 and beyond.  Through the strength and resourcefulness of the LGBTQ community, and organizations such as yours that champion and advocate for LGBTQ equality, we will continue to create change, drive progress, and secure equality.  Thank you again for supporting Seattle Pride, and the LGBTQ community in Seattle.


Best regards,

Kevin Toovey

President, Seattle Out & Proud[/read]

What’s next?

There are still a few more steps to confirm your participation in the 2018 Seattle Pride Parade!

Navigate to Sponsor Parade Registration using the link on the left. On the pop-up window, select “Get Tickets,” scroll to the bottom of the list, and select “Sponsor Registration.” Please note that the cost is $0, if the site attempts to charge you, please start over or contact us at sponsorship@seattlepride.org.


Review (and share) the Contingent Information Packet. This packet is your guide to Parade Day!  It contains helpful information, what you can expect on Parade Day, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Our W-9 and mailing address can be accessed from the toolbar on the left.  If you prefer to transfer funds electronically, please contact us at finance@seattlepride.org with your request. Please note payments with a credit card are subject to a 3% transaction fee.