Vote with Pride

Vote with Pride

Coming: October, 2022

10 4 20 Vote with Pride at Broadway and Pine Credit Nate Gowdy 062 10 4 20 Vote with Pride at Broadway and Pine Credit Nate Gowdy 062

Our rights are under attack.

Even in "blue" Washington state, there are politicians and organizations who are determined to see the LGBTQIA+ community shoved back into the closet.

Want to fight back?

The theme of this year's Vote with Pride is "Ballots & Bricks", where we honor the past activism that allows us to have a voice at the ballot box now.

Are you registered to vote?

Did you know that you can register to vote online in Washington state?
You will need a current Washington State driver's license, permit or ID card. If you do not have any of these, you may still register by mail or in person.

Deadlines for the November 8 General Election

    • October 31: Online and by mail registrations must be received.
    • November 8: Register to vote in person by 8 p.m. at your County Elections Office.

Have you thought about running for office?

School Board? City Council? Water District? State Legislature? County? House of Representatives? President?

No matter where you want to make an impact, there are organizations out there who can help you learn what it takes, and how to run a successful campaign. Check them out!

Wanna (Ballot) Party?

What's a "ballot party"?
Only the hottest event of the season, darling.

Ballots are mailed out on October 21st, so check your mail and join us at any one of the three locations below to fill them out together! Be among other LGBTQIA+ community members and allies, eat some pizza, discuss issues and candidates on the ballot, write letters/postcards to local, state, and/or national leaders about issues that matter to you, and create some queer art!

As a part of Seattle Pride's Vote with Pride campaign, we will be entering all attendees into a random drawing to win tickets to see Jonathan Van Ness ("JVN"; Queer Eye star, author, JVN beauty line founder, and LGBTQIA+ icon) on Friday, December 9th at the Paramount at his Seattle showing of the Going for Comedy Gold tour, in addition to Alaska Airlines tickets, Starbucks gift cards, and more Seattle Pride swag than you can sashay your walk to!

  • Wednesday, October 26th @ Capitol Hill Library | 4:30 - 7:00PM | Learn more here!
  • Sunday, October 30th @ Downtown Burien Library | 11:30AM - 1:00PM | Learn more here!
  • Wednesday, November 2nd @ Northgate Library | 4:30 - 7:00PM | Learn more here!

Click HERE to register to vote or update your voter registration.


Each week will have actions in these two categories: voter education and get out the vote.

This year we had three weekly quizzes throughout October, and incorporated participating in our three Ballot Parties into the mix! Here are the winners from the 2022 Vote with Pride campaign!

  • Week 1 Winner: Laurie Cox
  • Week 2 Winner:  Lowkie Reed
  • Week 3 Winner: Very Raft

Grand Prize Winner: Madeleine Lerch

Vote With Pride Sign FINAL 2 Vote With Pride Sign FINAL 2



At the end of each week, there was one random drawing for a prize! But not just any prize. Prizes like tickets to see Jonathan Van Ness, SIFF's Seattle Queer Film Festival, and a grand prize of an Alaska Airlines roundtrip flight voucher!


  • Weekly quizzes must be submitted by their corresponding Saturday at 11:59PM PDT to be entered for weekly prizes.
  • No purchase required to participate.