Virtual Pride

What Does Pride Mean to YOU? We Want to Know!

Jun 01, 2021 | Seattle Pride

Pride is often associated with parades, parties and rainbows -- and while we love all that stuff, Pride has a deeper significance and it's why we celebrate! The meaning of Pride is different for everyone, so we have partnered with C89.5 to explore What Pride Means as told by real voices from our community -- including yours!

We are inviting anyone and everyone to share What Pride Means in a brief recording at These affirming messages will run on c89.5 FM throughout Pride Month, along with all the other voices who join the conversation. Each story will be respected and handled with care by c89.5 radio and its presenting sponsor Gay City.

To give folks a start on ideas, our executive director Krystal Marx and office assistant Tim Marshall have shared their written statement on what Pride means!

“What ‘Pride’ means to me is ‘coming home’; knowing that there is a community of people out there who not only are okay with my bisexuality, but who actively celebrate that part of me.” – Krystal Marx

“Pride is a chance to be anyone I want to be. I'm not just me during Pride weekend, but super-me wearing a rainbow cape.”—Tim Marshall

Head over to c89.5 virtual Pride booth to join the conversation and share What Pride Means to you. And don't miss C89.5's Official Seattle Pride Playlist and Request Contest for your celebration soundtrack with a shot at airline tickets for two!