Extra! Extra! Seattle Pride Magazine!

Dec 05, 2020 | Seattle Pride

If you are unable to pick up the winter issue of Seattle Pride’s free quarterly magazine at your favorite Seattle area bars, cafés and retail stores due to pandemic-related closures – be sure to check out our digital version.

During this season of giving, this issue of Seattle Pride Magazine highlights a few of the many incredible LGBTQIA+ serving nonprofits and projects which have received grant and sponsorship funding from Seattle Pride – such as Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s Queer Film Festival and Seattle Public Schools’ Our Students, Their Stories photo/storytelling project.

Also read how UW Medicine is charting new territory in transgender and gender nonconforming patient care, and check out our LGBTQIA+ history feature story explaining “Two Spirit,” the term used among Native and Alaska Native cultures to represent a third gender.

We’re excited about our new magazine, and would love to hear your thoughts. Send us your letters to the editor and story ideas, or just drop us a line at PR@seattlepride.org.

Want Seattle Pride Magazine available at your business or mailed to your home? If you are a business and would like our magazine available for sharing with your customers/clients, email us at PR@seattlepride.org. Or if you become a Protector of Pride member, we’ll mail you your very own copy to your home each quarter!